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Story for Flipping the Script on Intercultural Learning #FlipIntercultural

Here’s a story for you, Maha 🙂 It sounds like it will be an absolutely beautiful keynote speech insha Allah! Okay, so Maha Bali my colleague is giving a keynote at the upcoming Uni-Collaboration Conference, about Flipping the Script on … Continue reading

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Fourth Reflection: Learning Analytics’ Development in Higher Education

Relevant themes: learning analytics in general and its development in higher education Learning analytics is a topic I am very interested in; mainly because it heavily relates to my MA thesis and because it’s a growing field in online learning … Continue reading

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Third Reflection: Pedagogy & Theory of Modern Teaching & Learning in Higher Ed

Blog Post 3 – Relevant Themes: Open Education Technology usage in higher education Open education being a movement rather than just a pedagogical concept. I’ve been exposed to and immersed in the field of open education through my PLN for … Continue reading

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Second Reflection: Pedagogy and Theory in Higher Ed

So this week is also filled with questions, and also some critique! I was asked to present on a book chapter, titled Teaching for Democracy in Post-Arab Spring: Challenges and Opportunities by Abdullah F. Alrebh and Radhi Al-Mabuk. After reading … Continue reading

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Pedagogy and Theory – Class Reflection 1

This is the first of hopefully many reflections for a course I am taking for my graduate students; Pedagogy and Theory of Modern Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. This is the third week of the course and so far … Continue reading

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It’s the process, not the outcome

Everyday on my commute to work I listen to one of 5 things, depending on my mood that morning; the audiobook I am currently listening to; a podcast; a Ted talk or a speech; the morning show on the radio; or … Continue reading

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Here’s to a first perfect Virtually Connecting session

Okay so yesterday was my first time being the Virtual Buddy (VB) for a Virtually Connecting session, I’ve been mostly doing onsite buddying and virtual participating so far. Through no fault but my own because I did not have internet … Continue reading

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