Here’s to a first perfect Virtually Connecting session

Okay so yesterday was my first time being the Virtual Buddy (VB) for a Virtually Connecting session, I’ve been mostly doing onsite buddying and virtual participating so far. Through no fault but my own because I did not have internet at home. Yes, you read that correctly, we are in the 21st century, 4G is in almost half the world’s countries…etc and I don’t have internet at home. That’s only because 4 years ago we moved a bit outside of the city to a quieter, more suburban place and they hadn’t installed the phone lines in that area yet. Yes, I’ve been living without Wifi or ADSL at home for the past 4 years. Thank God for 3G though haha. In any case, we’ve just installed wifi at home a couple of weeks ago, finally! so I should be set to be more involved with Virtually Connecting, hopefully 🙂

Anyway, yesterday we were connecting to the Association for Learning Technology Annual Conference #altc with Jose Fraser and Jane Secker, two really interesting keynote speakers (Josie had her keynote that morning and Jane’s keynote is on Thursday) and Sue Beckingham, our onsite buddy. The VC session was absolutely amazing, it went really smoothly, the conversation kept going for a little under an hour! well not at first. We had this really funny incident in the middle where Sue, our onsite buddy, wrapped up the conversation around the 30 minute mark (the average time set up for VC sessions anyway). Usually in VC sessions we go offline and stop broadcasting when the guests and onsite buddy leave and continue the conversation among us virtual participants for a little while longer. So we all said our goodbye’s and our thank you’s to the onsite folks and I was just getting ready to go offline and announced that we are hanging around online for a while to continue chatting. So Josie and Jane were like, “we’re good, we can stick around and carry on the conversation”! So I decided to keep the live session going and recorded the rest of the session. So the whole #byenotbye thing was pretty funny 🙂 Just an overall really enjoyable experience and I’m looking forward to buddying again this afternoon with Lorna Campbell and Fiona Harvey.

Here’s the recorded session

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3 Responses to Here’s to a first perfect Virtually Connecting session

  1. CogDog says:

    Congrats, now you are an expert. I am so disappointed I slept through my 5a alarm clock (it is even labeled “VConnecting” on my phone) but I am happier that you managed a session so well.


    • Thanks Alan, not an expert at all, I’m hardly a beginner 🙂
      5 am is too early anyway so it’s okay if you sleep through it, you got your rest and that’s good! To be honest, I think I was able to manage it well because I felt secure with Wendy backing me up and the fact that I was on campus (with reliable internet connection) so I wasn’t that nervous with tech/internet related stuff, I was more nervous about what to say, who to introduce first..etc. I was more comfortable and confident during yesterday’s session with Lorna and Fiona… Apparently, practice does work haha 🙂


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