Educational Policy Analysis – Journal #14

We had the social gathering last night and it was absolutely amazing! I enjoyed every minute of it. The food was brilliant, and just as I expected, the peanut butter chicken that I had been waiting for was to die for! (note: the recipe is in my possession and I play to replicate the delicious experience repeatedly)

José invited a fellow MA student who is a musician so he brought his guitar and sang for us. I really enjoyed that. He plays and sings very well! Also, José wrote a poem that he performed with background guitar by Ahmed, so this was just … I don’t know, I don’t have words to express how beautiful the poem and the performance was. The poem itself was very well written and got me very emotional, which is unlike me because I don’t usually engage with poems. So overall it was a great evening.

I had to leave before it was over though, because my cousin is in town. I haven’t seen her in 8 years and she brought her two kids, whom I have only seen in pictures so I was dying to see these little munchkins!

as a whole this course has been very interesting for me, partly because I am intrigued by policy and partly because I have an educational background of international relations. So the content and the discussions I experience throughout this course spoke to me in more ways that one, and for that I am every grateful and appreciative. Like I always say, any experience that adds to my knowledge in any way is automatically a favorite of mine. And I proudly say that this course has been one of my very few favorite courses I have taken at AUC. Thank you José, you truly are one brilliant educator and your inspire me to think in ways I have not charted before. I know you are leaving in a week so I look forward to seeing you these few days and catching up!

Please stay in touch, I know I will because my social life has now pretty much shifted from face to face to online. I literally am closer to my online friends than my in-town friends, so I will be in touch 🙂

I am super ready for summer now, because I haven’t taken a break for about a year now. But I am also very much excited for the next semester courses on learning, teaching and development theories and practice.

Farewell Spring 2016, hello summer vacation- full of learning 🙂

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