Educational Policy Analysis – Journal #4

In this class we are continuing our discussion of Framing because last week we stopped after 3-4 pages from the beginning.

A question came up about how difficult it is to understand frames or operate between or different frames. This is essentially what makes it difficult to study frames. Because frames are “part of the natural, taken-for-granted world, we are often unaware of their role in organizing our perceptions” (Rein & Shön, p. 151). This reminded me of the role of language and how, as we grow up, we learn a language but we don’t know if we are saying something correctly or not. I had the question about frames, if we grow up and someone says, you know what, the way that you are looking at the world is wrong, or should be changed, do we then change our frames or is something that we can’t really reflect on and change, if we would like to? My professor then replied saying that depends on the person’s position in life; if you are positivist or relativist. If you go along with the view that there is a right or wrong answer to everything, then maybe, but if your view is based on relativism then that might not happen. I found this very interesting and absolutely accurate when I thought about it for a while (and by a while I mean the rest of the evening that day). The entire discussion about frames actually lingered in my mind, and still does. It’s funny how things we discuss in class carry on and I find myself applying them to different parts of my life – whether professional or personal. I began to see things differently and intentionally reflect on my own frames and the way I see or interpret life and the situations that happen around me. I also found myself analyzing people’s frames, especially when it came to educational and political policy. When I think deeper about, and analyze the cogent articulation as well as the substance of, policy it widens my scope to include a lot of angles I hadn’t preciously thought about. I think this is by far one of the greatest benefits of that course on my life.

I’ll come back next week with more thoughts 🙂


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