Educational Policy – Journal #6 – The irony =)

So many blog post ideas, so little time!

This week we had the Digital Pedagogy Lab Cairo at AUC and CLT (where I work) was the organizing and hosting body. So my professor, who had attended one of the Virtually Connecting sessions that I moderated, suggested I tell the class about DPLC. This became around a 10 minute rambling session on my part about how amazing this event was and how much I was on such an intellectual high I was on, I had to ask them to stop me. That’s the thing about me when I talk about my passion for digital pedagogy and online learning, I will talk a lot about it because I love it so much and as a result of me loving it so much. This reminds me of the Love idea that Amy Collier, one of the guest facilitators and keynote speakers, talked about, which was about love in education.

Anyway, back to class-relevance. The super ironic thing I mean in my title is that the group that presented their policy brief today actually did it on critical pedagogy, which is one of my favorite topics in education AND because the first keynote in DPLC was about critical digital pedagogy and that’s just amazingly ironic. I really enjoyed their presentation and I think their policy brief is super interesting, so I virtually applaud these 3 group members, who are my friends and super smart individuals.

Another beautiful thing I enjoyed in today’s class was that the professor decided to start our class with the amazing song: Wings of Forgiveness by India Arie and it was such a great start of class and set the environment to be open and sharing, regardless of topic or content.

Now, another reallly ironic thing that happened in this class was the conversation that came up about taboo topics in education and some of my classmates, who are teachers at other private universities in Cairo, said that they are neither allowed to discuss topics is religion, politics and sex in their class nor are students allowed to talk, research or even write about them. Which I think is preposterous! This is a tweet that I tweeted yesterday in my other class when we were criticizing national school systems banning certain topics from the curricula and I think it relates to that context and to today’s class discussion as well and I will end this post with that, cheers!




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