Educational Policy – Journal #5

We had a week off class because our professor was in a Conference in Vancouver, Canada. But, you see, that’s what I don’t like about saying I had a cancelled class because it makes the other person (in this case the reader) think that I had vacation. This week was the farthest thing possible from vacation. For this classI had to work with my group on forumulating our policy brief on professionalization of teachers (will reflect on that in a bit). In my other class I have a 10 page reflection paper about 6 articles and that’s just school related. On the work end of things, we are preparing for Digital Pedagogy Lab Cairo, which is taking place from March 20-23rd so it’s been really busy around the office getting last minute, early minute big and small projects done. Topsy Turvy doesn’t even cut it for trying to describe the office these few days.

Now, the policy brief research and writing process with my group has been very beneficial and fruitful. We actually started talking and discussing a couple of weeks ago and we did meet during our cancelled class session. We did a lot of research, and we had actually started on the topic of multiculturalism and inclusion of minorities in citizenship but we found ourselves deviating a little away from it and naturally the discussion took us to the teacher professionalization topic. We talked about how Finland transformed its educational system and how they credited this to teacher professionalization. So we did some more research and split the work to focus on three different countries that credit their success in world economy to quality education. In our research we all found very strong emphasis on teacher education and professionalization, so it was the very natural and common-sensical path to take towards the topic of this policy brief.

We would have to do this again twice this semester, but reflecting on this first experience, it really did teach me a lot. I think the first time for anything needs to be a trial, error and educational experience because people don’t just get things figured out the first time around; neither in education nor life experiences or difficulties for that matter. Next time we would know how to phrase the research findings from the start, how to combine ideas from the beginning rather than getting A LOT of content and spending time removing unnecessary parts and trying to make different and separate partitions work together, we would also work on structure from the beginning in that we would do the research, find the implications and write the recommendations for each point separately and sequentially. I know these things seem trivial but they did take a lot of time and planning or organization, so I think this was overall a very beneficial learning experience.

I’ll share the policy brief here when we get feedback from the professor, and edit the parts that need to be changed 🙂

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