Journal #1 Educational Policy Analysis

This is my first week in the Spring 2016 semester and I can’t be more excited. The reasons for my excitement are many. For one, my course combination is interesting and I feel that the courses’ contents compliment one another well and will offer different ideas and angles on a lot of subjects. My courses are Educational Policy Analysis and International and Comparative Education.

This is my first journal entry for the course EDUC 5215 Educational Policy Analysis. it is however the second class. I missed the first class because I was in Germany with my father on a business trip. I did have some fun though, it wasn’t all work. Also, I enjoyed the time off because I took a winter course so I didn’t take time off at all after the Fall semester. Still, I feel bad for missing the first class, I would rather not miss the first class where were all get to know each other and talk about our different interests, the reasons we are in this program, what we do for fun 🙂 …etc.

For the first class we were asked, in preparation for the class discussion, to read Beatrice Birman’s Educational Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation: Shifting Methods, Politics, and Temperament. So I have some reactions to this reading.

For this class, we were asked to watch the video below

I enjoyed this video a lot, and have related one way or another to the reading we were to do.

The video discusses the relationship between the 2 Ps in Public Policy and International laws. Treaties and conventions are made by policy makers and are not to be taken lightly but they could also mean that people can play around with them. Small Ps are policies created by the public, this I think relates to the international customary laws, which are laws that are created by the people themselves and they become custom. These should not be understated or underestimated because these can influence politics and policy that is decided and made by politicians or policy makers. But people can very well participate in the creation of policy. I liked how she talked about public-created policies, and it made me think and relate it to the user-made applications we are currently using in Egypt now such aw Bey2ollak; an application that people use to report or get updated about traffic, leading to people becoming aware of traffic congested/empty roads before getting there. This became a very powerful application in such a short time and I feel that this is because of the fact that it’s run on the notion of ‘users as content creators.’ So I like the advise on not underestimating these customary laws and public-created policies; sometimes they could be too influential, even more so than constitutionally-made policies.

Also, I absolutely loved her spirit and her approach to one of the very “scary” topics. Politics or policy-related matters have come to be taboo or a hush-hush conversation. It’s always thought of as a ‘serious conversation’ when people discuss politics. But her attitude is pretty positive, and I think that’s the biggest part in getting problems solved and major issues resolved; positive attitude. Call me optimistic, call me naïve, but I do believe that one’s outlook on certain issues is detrimental in finding a solution that one is comfortable or at least satisfied with.

More later 🙂

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