Virtual Field Trip… and some more

A few weeks ago I hosted an event on Global Collaboration Day and my event was about playing a game I co-designed with Michael Weller over the 2015 Connected Learning MOOC, called Twitter Taboo in which we hacked the Taboo board game and adapted it to be played on Twitter. Anyway, about a week later a teacher from a school in Kentucky, USA emailed me asking if I would be willing to give her 7th graders a virtual field trip of Egypt, where I meet them via a videoconferencing platform, we used Skype, and I speak to them about Egypt and the Egyptian culture, economy, government…etc.

Of course I was flattered and actually very excited so I agreed to do it and asked her to tell the students to prepare some questions they would like to ask me about Egypt and ask them to me themselves in the virtual field trip so it would be interactive rather than a monologue of me going on and on about Egypt; I usually prefer interactive presentations, talks…etc because they’re less boring in general.

So she sent me a couple of their questions before hand so I was able to think of answers to them and phrase them in ways 7 graders from another country would get. Especially since the culture in Egypt is different from the US.

Anyway, it went GREAT! It was so much fun, the kids loved it and asked me a lot of interesting questions about the currency we use in Egypt, the religions practiced, the education system and how different it is from that of the US, certain habits or customs that both Egyptians and Americans have in common such as handshakes…etc., food types and whether Egypt has some of the food chains that are in the US (having visited the US almost every summer of my life, I knew of these things there, although I’ve never been to Kentucky so I had them explain to me the scenery there and things that are different there). I shared my screen on Skype and showed them a lot of pictures about Egyptian food, different scenery and beautiful areas around Egypt such as cities around the Red Sea, I gotta say they were amazed by the beautiful scenery of the beaches and deserts.

Here’s a photo:



I had so much fun and so did the kids, and apparently they spoke about it to other kids in school so Ashley, the teacher, emailed me a couple of days later asking on behalf of two other teachers if I’d be willing to do it again for two different classes in 6th grade, which was of course very nice! Needless to say, I agreed to give them the virtual field trip some time this week but we are still in the planning the date and time phase, it gets a bit difficult with the time zones, working hours and school hours…etc. But it’s definitely on its way!

Super excited!

Anyway, I’ll share more later on the second batch of virtual field trips 🙂

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