Gotta love the Devil’s Advocate

I stumbled upon this article about different ways to engage online learners. It gives three ways to do just that and I had come across two of these before but was introduced to the third one and I gotta say, I absolutely loved it!

Here’s what it’s about; because discussion board are crucial aspects of online courses there should be a lot of focus given to it but because sometimes students are not as engaged as you’d want them to be, here’s a really cool trick. The students who are highly motivated and engaged in the course naturally, the instructor could ask them to play devil’s advocate in the discussions where they would write about the most unpopular opinions about a concept because these would be the ones most likely to generate a lot of student responses and engagement. The reason the instructor would ask one of the students to do that is because if he/she does so him/herself the students could be more inclined to agree with that opinion because the instructor is the one saying it but when it’s a student it makes it accessible for people to debate and disagree with them, which in turn generates interesting discussions.

Totally love this idea! I am really interested in student engagement in online learning and it’s these techniques that come a long way when educators are trying to further engage their online students.

More later, can’t wait to talk about yesterday’s virtual field trip. I’ll try to squeeze in the time to blog about it today!

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One Response to Gotta love the Devil’s Advocate

  1. Maha Bali says:

    But so other astudents know that others are playing devil’s advocate or is it clandestine?


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