Implementation and Evaluation of Education Technology – Ask someone

So I am taking this MOOC on the Implementation and Evaluation of Education Technology given by MITx.

The first unit is of course more of an introduction to why use education technology and what the mindset of anyone using it should be, which is to look at the outcome you want to achieve and then choose the technology accordingly.

So the first week’s activity is to ask someone (a friend, family member, colleague…etc) about a technology that taught them a certain concept of idea. Here was my post:

So I walked into my colleague’s office and another one of my colleagues was with him. So, the resourceful and greedy person that I am, I took advantage of the situation and asked both of them. One of them is in the late 20s and the other is in the early 30s. I gave the example of Youtube so I can make the question clearer and they both agreed with it because they said Youtube has taught them lots of concepts and ideas. One of them said Ted Talks has taught him a lot of new concepts and ideas and that the Iphone taught him touch typing (which he didn’t do before having an Iphone at all), the other one said that CartoDB taught her visual representation of data through concepts maps and also agreed on how the Iphone itself has taught her so many things from touch typing to usage of different apps…etc

This made me reflect on myself and I asked myself that question before I ask them. While I was looking at other mooc participants’ posts I found one about the impact of MOOCs, where a fellow student, Sokayna Mudgalya, talks about her friends’ experience in an online course and how it helped her learn a great deal about a certain study topic. Here were my thoughts, and post reply, on the matter:

Couldn’t agree more with you on the importance of MOOCs (self paced and real time ones).
I have recently received a certificate to be a blended learning course designer from a MOOC and it was a great learning experience for me, not just about the subject matter but also about what type of learner I am. Since this was my first certificate-based and paid MOOC, it became a priority (kinda like graduate studies) and therefore, from the amount of time I spent on it, I found out how my online learning could be at its best and the forms in which I am most receptive of information in an online learning environment. I think that to me was how technology taught me a concept, it taught me how to deeply reflect on my own learning and my own progress in a certain educational setting and therefore I am able to participate and take part in more MOOCs like this one.

What about you? How has a technology helped you learn a new concept or idea?

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