Reflection 1 – #ID4ML

I know I am a bit late to be posting my reflection on week 1 (seeing as the course is almost over) but I was very busy these past few weeks and couldn’t keep up with the course. I am now less busy and have time to dive deep into this.

Here is my reflection for week 1:

To answer the question: “Do you have the competencies to face the change of habit to mobile learning environments? If not, what do you think you need to learn? Where does mobile learning incorporate into your current learning environment?”

I feel I do not have the technical skills to embark on mobile learning. I do have the design experience as well as the pedagogical knowledge to develop instructional design aspects of a course for mobile learning. I however am not technically competent (as in have I have not studied computer science) and I do not know enough about programming to develop a mobile learning app or web page. I am hoping I could learn aspects of mobile learning pedagogy here and maybe dip my toes in some related technological elements and then when I am a bit braver with the idea of programming or using HTML for developing web pages I could take a beginner-level online course about the topic and then *hopefully* feel like I do have the full skill set to start developing mobile learning-based courses.

Mobile learning does not incorporate much into my institution as we just started piloting blended courses (not even fully online yet) so I believe it will be a while until the institution decides to take that leap but hopefully it will be soon and by starting my learning journey about mobile learning now, I hope by then I will have gained the appropriate competencies to confidently work on it!


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