My first attempt at creating a GIF

Thanks to #adobegenpro I learned how to make GIFS with Photoshop today.

Here is my first attempt, it’s very bad but hey, it’s a still image that I animated, which I – as a person who just started knowing how to animate things – think is pretty impressive haha.

This is supposed to be a cat that wiggles its tail and then sneers. The sneer isn’t really visible, but I tried haha!

Just want to say that at first I had a couple of problems with it: When I created it in photoshop it was perfectly fine and looped (repeated) great. Then when I exported and tried it in a browser (Chrome) it was SUPER fast- like you could barely even see it move and it only animated once then froze. The point of a GIF is to for it to keep looping.

Here is the first trial:


I then asked one of the instructors/helper on the #adobegenpro Twitter community and Flo was amazing, she asked me to send her my file via email so she could check it out, then gave me constructive as well as positive and motivating feedback. She told me what was wrong that made it freeze (last frame was set to 10 seconds so it didn’t really freeze but it stopped for a long time and then repeated) and that it was too fast because every frame before the last was set to 0.1 seconds, when I tried making the last frame shorter and every other frame before that longer, this was the result:



I couldn’t have figured that out on my own. So I thank Flo for all her help!

Another note: This course started about a couple of weeks ago but I only just started interacting with it because I was crazy busy the past few days. This was the first assignment so I just wanted to say how much I appreciated everyone’s willingness to help even though everyone is far along in the course and I am only just starting.

Also, just want to say how amazing this learning community is. Everyone is very interactive, very helpful and welcoming. Honestly haven’t seen or encountered that in any online course before. Noticed that people are interacting more on the Facebook group than the Twitter hashtag, I wonder why.

Go #AdobeGenPro


Until next animation post 😉

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4 Responses to My first attempt at creating a GIF

  1. Maha Bali says:

    good that you reached out early and got that help! And good that you noticed people were more active on facebook – it helps to recognize where the “action” is for each online learning experience we do… it can make the experience much less lonely once you figure that out!


  2. Jim Stauffer says:

    Did you intentionally make your cat resemble Marge Simpson? Love it.
    That’s a great blogpost documenting your learning process. I really enjoyed the AdobeGenPro courses I took a year ago. Great community even though it existed mainly inside Adobe’s walled garden. Very little on Twitter and no FB group. Nice they have that. I was too busy to get involved in another AdobeGen project this winter but look forward to doing more in the future


    • Haha I keep getting that! No I didn’t actually but hey! that’s accidental art for ya!
      I was actually surprised by the amount of sharing and interaction in the community on FB. It did help a lot, I guess that’s what makes or breaks online courses right? The interaction between the community members and the instructors.
      I can’t blame you if you’re too busy and can’t pick this project up, it’s quite a load! It’s super hard to keep up with if you’ve got your hands full with other stuff at the same time. Why don’t you share with me the projects you worked on when you took the course? 🙂


  3. Sherif Kamal ElDin says:

    Snowball ❤


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