OER handout

Sherif, my colleague at CLT, and I worked on this OER handout today for the blended learning workshop series the center is giving to AUC faculty who wish to pursue or redesign the courses and blended. Today we were talking to them about Open Educational Resources (OERs) and helping them find open, copyright free and creative commons resources to use.

Let me know what you think!

Small reflection:

I discovered Sherif and I work great together! A couple of days ago we came up with the idea of this scavenger hunt in literally 10 minutes and wrote up the idea, Sherif then put in on a google doc and Maha gave her comments. We then continued to work on it this morning. Sherif and I were supposed to design this handout and we literally just divided the work equally, sat together in his office, started working, I asked him to put on some music since we were both just working individually but together (if that makes any sense) and then he made a funny comment about me not listening to music (which is very ironic since I am listening to

while I write this blog post). Anyway, then we both looked at eachother’s work, gave comments, he was done and was craving a cup of coffee, I told him to go get it and I would finish up. I just put both documents together, fixed alignment, colors, and over all design (since I am the graphic designer I figured I should take over this part lol). Then Save, Download, Print aaaaannnddd DONE. One of the most productive and focused working experiences I’ve had! *fist pump* Sherif! I love our team work =) Hopefully the first of many more to come!


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