Duly observing:

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I posted to twitter a list of links to some of my commentaries on the Khan Academy via a “shared GOogle Doc.”  There are, according to Google, 15 viewers of the doc.  There was a request for “sources” about Khan Academy and the details weren’t specific.

THere are, however, *no* clicks through to my blog.  It’s a bot bot world…  it also tells me that Audrey Watters doesn’t consider me worth a click-through… but of course, not disabling the click trackers is probably the equivalent of a scarlet letter to her.  Until I read that yesterday I hadn’t considered those issues… but it was that info that informed me that in all probability no human eyes were gazing upon my shared doc so I shall ponder further before taking action, if any.

Hmmm… I was more patient today but also not at all focused on anything productive like powerpoints or even…

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One Response to Duly observing:

  1. xiousgeonz says:

    Being reblogged is a first to me!


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