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Week 4 Reflection – #Blendkit2015

Ok, so this week is all about blended assessments and how the online and f2f environments are meant to intertwine in a blended learning course. This means that both environments should work towards a holistic experience rather than be separate … Continue reading

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Reading reflection – week 3 #blendkit2015

So this week’s reading is about assessments of learning, how to make good formative and summarise assessments and why assessment is a very important element of learning in general and more specifically for blended learning. I would like to reflect … Continue reading

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Embedding PDF in WordPress – Work around

Seeing as I’m the Online Content Developer ( funny how that’s abbreviated OCD right?) at the center I work in and I support faculty in online and technology tools, I got a seemingly simple issue today from a professor today. … Continue reading

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Duly observing:

Originally posted on Resource Room Dot Net Blog:
I posted to twitter a list of links to some of my commentaries on the Khan Academy via a “shared GOogle Doc.” ┬áThere are, according to Google, 15 viewers of the doc.…

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Week 2 Reading Reflection

Since this week’s readings is all about interactions, I thought I’d write about my interaction with the reading (as in what I thought about what I read as I read it) and interact with fellow participants, and hopefully with the … Continue reading

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